10 Minute Late Evening Trade System

I can show anyone how to make serious money trading the Forex markets in 14 days or less.

“You Don’t Have To Be A Trading Expert To Guarantee A Forex Income In Just 10 Minutes Each Evening. The Secret Is In My “10 Minute Late Evening Trade System”

A highly profitable “set and forget” trading breakthrough from Paul Gray, probably the simplest, fastest, and most reliable way for you to cash-in on Forex profits … in just 10 minutes a day.

Here’s a personal welcome from Paul Gray, trusted “go-to” home trading expert …

“I would recommend Paul and his system to anyone wanting to make money” (Keith, Devon)

“I am doing well with this. Excellent method and customer service” (Mike, Herts)

THREE valuable Bonuses available for you today. Be one of the first to own Paul’s unique, revolutionary Profit-Lock indicator. Simplify your trading and multiply your profits.

Dear Forex Trader,

Highly successful home-trader and “Go-To” Forex expert, Paul Gray

For the very best Forex results you need the best information you can get and, most importantly, the very best mentor to show you and guide you.

The good news is that Paul Gray himself, creator of the “Late Evening Trade System” will personally mentor you. He is one of the most trusted home-traders in the UK. He is self-taught, down-to-earth and approachable.

He will pass on to you his expertise and mastery of home trading, and you will have his outstanding support for free and with no time limits.

Paul will make sure you have everything you need to be financially successful with his system, just like the many clients who already profit from his Forex knowledge and personal guidance. Please check out the testimonials in this letter.

Here’s the Good News!

Simplify your trading – multiply your profits

Paul is releasing details of his own very special private trading system, the “Fast Track 10 Minute Late Evening Trade System”.

This highly profitable Forex money-spinner earns Paul thousands of pounds each month and must rate as one of the most profitable systems in use today.

It was created by Paul after much research, development,  personal trial and error, and years of studying the Forex markets.

It is as unique as it gets and uses specially customised indicators developed exclusively for Paul by an expert programmer.

He has been using it himself for many years to consistently bring in regular profits week after week, month after month, as you will see from the results published in this letter. 

Only 10 Minutes At Bedtime

Set and forget in just 10 minutes!

The “Fast Track 10 Minute Late Evening Trader” is a very simple and highly effective swing trading system that takes only 10 minutes but can bring you a very substantial daily income.

It is notoriously hard to find trades with most swing systems, you might wait days or even weeks for the right set-up, and then a trade can take a long time to move into profit.  For most people this is frustrating and simply unworkable.

This system is so unique because it gives you at least one trade a day, usually more, from a choice of currency pairs.

It takes only 10 minutes and there’s no need for you to be at your computer screen during the day – simply set and forget.

This is a powerful and profitable system with consistent, proven results.

Proven Results Over Many Years, Bringing In Regular Profits Today

These screenshots are from Paul’s trading account and show the profits he makes on a daily basis, and has done consistently for many years now. You can see just  how many trade opportunities there are each day and how many trades you could be taking.


Trade set up at £1 a point, opened automatically 10 minutes later. Live screenshot at 3.12pm the same day shows £93.90 PROFIT = 93 PIPS


Trade set up at £1 a point, opened automatically 40 minutes later, hit target and closed at 3.28pm, £101.90 PROFIT = 101 PIPS



Trade set up at £1 a point, opened automatically at 4.30am, held over weekend, hit target at 9.30am, £104.50 PROFIT = 104 PIPS


Trade set up at £1 a point, opened automatically at 2.36am, held over weekend, hit target at 3.42pm, with £101.10 PROFIT = 101 PIPS


A screenshot of Paul’s LIVE trades, showing just how many trades there are EACH DAY – with a running total of £202.30 PROFIT = 202 PIPS



4 live trades at just 10p per point, showing that you can start your trading at any level, follow the system and steadily build up your account. There is no need to have thousands in your account, to make money with this.

Simple, Time-Saving, Stress-Free, and Consistently Profitable

In my experience it’s a very rare opportunity that encompasses all four of these essential elements: simple – time-saving – stress-free – consistently profitable.

The “Fast Track 10 Minute Late Evening Trade System” absolutely has it all …


Genuinely simple and easy to understand, straightforward and not at all complicated. You will quickly understand the system and be ready to place your first trade the very same evening. No chart interpretation, no wondering what to do.


Just 10 minutes to set up your trade. Trades run from 10pm to 10pm UK time (or midnight with some accounts). Make money while you sleep.


Follow the simple rules, set up the trade, switch off and forget about it for 24 hours.

NO checking your trades all day.

NO entries and exits to worry about.

NO decisions to make about whether to close your trade.

NO watching and worrying as price goes up and down.

NO stress.


A high strike rate and years of cash-generating results. With a proven track record that shows the system to be very profitable, Paul still uses it himself every day.

Here’s The Highly Profitable Package Paul Has Put Together For You

Step-by-step easy to follow Manual

   Professional quality, easy-to-understand manual.

   Complete step-by-step guidance.

   No complicated jargon, just plain English with no waffle.

   Packed with colour screenshots and clear illustrations.

   Start making regular profits TODAY.

Online Video shows you exactly what to do

    Takes you through the system from start to finish.

    Demonstrates everything including setting up charts.

    Places trades in real time, live in front of you.

    Over an hour of simple, clear guidance.

    Shows you exactly how to make consistent profits.

Easy-start template ready in minutes

    Templates and indicators loaded in seconds.

    Easy to set up even if you’ve never done it before.

    Always plenty of help available if you need it.

    Follow the simple set-up guide on the video.

    Be up and running in minutes.

FREE & Unlimited Support from Paul

You will be part of the Paul Gray team

   Absolutely NO CHARGE for this outstanding support.

   You will never be left wondering what to do.

   All your questions answered quickly and fully.

   Paul will mentor you to success.

“Can I just say what a star Paul is. He replies to emails immediately. He was so helpful. He is definitely ‘the man’ (Peter)

“Hi, I just had a one to one with Paul and he was brilliant” (Mushtaq)

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the support I have received from Paul Gray” (Arthur)

“With regard to Paul I have just had occasion to ask him for help. I have had a fast, friendly and competent reply. And if that’s not enough, he’s a mighty good teacher too” (Derek)


Bonus One: Value £197

Paul’s Private Advanced Trading Method

  • You will get not one but TWO systems included in your manual.

  • This was previously available only to Paul’s personal clients at significant extra cost.

  • Receive the same full system, with absolutely nothing left out, for FREE.

  • A product of Paul’s own research and development, and personal long-term use.

  • Everything is fully explained in the package you will receive.

  • You can quickly scale up to even bigger profits.

Bonus Two: Value Priceless

Your Unique Profit-Lock Indicator

  • Developed exclusively for Paul by a world-class programmer, this is not available anywhere else.

  • This dual-focus ‘trade exhaustion’ indicator makes you money and saves you money at the same time.

  • How many times have you closed a trade because of uncertainty, only to see that it would have continued on to make more money?

  • Conversely, how many times have you lost money because you stayed in a trade and it reversed on you?

  • Now you can end this frustration as you will know when a trade has reached its peak of profitability, and will know exactly when to close it.

  • This removes the guesswork and frustration and gives you confidence and peace of mind when you trade – a truly significant advance for home traders.

Bonus Three: Value £147

Live Online Trading Video

  • Bonus 60 minute video showing Paul trading the system live.

  • Sit back and watch as Paul talks through trade set-ups and the live trades he’s in, and shows you where to set the stop loss and profit targets.

  • Listen as Paul explains the magic of how the profit-lock indicator works behind the scenes to make you even more money.

  • Exciting live trade examples bring the system to life, giving you an in-depth understanding that will cement your knowledge and show you how to make even bigger profits with this system.

These extra bonuses are truly worth their weight in gold.

Exceptional Value And A Whole Lot More

Paul has previously released his “10 Minute Late Evening Trade System” to selected private clients who invested several thousand pounds for access to his knowledge, expertise and support. Now you have the chance to join them and consistently pocket thousands of pounds from your Forex trading.

You can secure your package today, complete with all THREE BONUSES and Paul’s UNLIMITED FREE SUPPORT for just £297.00.

Despite being priced at well below its true value the system nevertheless contains all of Paul Gray’s skill, experience and trading knowledge for you to profit from. This really is a combination of proven profitability with a simple, easy-to-operate system.

Act today to get all the benefits of a truly reliable and professional first-class system that takes only 10 minutes at bedtime, freeing you up during the day, and we will include your THREE FREE BONUS GIFTS to make your trading even more reliable and profitable.




An Opportunity With Never-Ending Financial Rewards. Now Is The Perfect Time To Make Your Trading Really Profitable.

Secure Your Financial Freedom

It makes real sense, here and now, to invest in the “10 Minute Late Evening Trade System”.

Now YOU have the means to consistently make money from a proven income source that can plug all the financial holes that come your way, and provide the money you need now and for the future.

There’s a name for this happy state … it’s called “Financial Freedom”.

Don’t waste another moment, secure your copy right now for a very bright trading future.


Here’s what the brilliant “10 Minute Late Evening Trade System” will give you:

  The potential for a first-class future with unlimited income.

  Takes only 10 minutes at 10pm UK time (or midnight with some trading accounts).

  No need to be constantly at your screen all day – a true “set & forget” system.

  Usually at least one trade set-up each evening, often more.

  A completely stress-free way to trade Forex and make consistent, reliable profits.

  A unique system, exclusive to Paul, and not available anywhere else.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join forces with Paul, recoup your investment quickly, and secure your financial future today.

What clients are saying about Paul and his system …

I really can’t believe that he took so much of his own time to help me in the way he did. Far and away beyond what was necessary. Most others are just interested in selling their systems. Paul is clearly different and wants to help his customers (G.G. Devon)

It’s absolutely brilliant. Fantastic system. This could be what I have waited my whole trading career for. Just wanted to thank you yet again (by email)


Friendly Service from Prime Source Products

Bernard & Paul working together to bring you a profitable future

We have built an enviably good reputation since we launched Prime Source Products nearly 15 years ago.  Bernard can be easily contacted if you have any questions regarding service.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you, along with Paul, to secure the financial benefits you deserve.

We know that you will want to get up and running as soon as possible and benefiting from your own daily trading profits with the “Fast Track 10 Minute Late Evening Trade System”.

Helping you to trading success.

My best wishes to you.

Bernard Davies

The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

P.S.  With a limit on the additional Special Bonus Gifts on offer with the “Fast Track 10 Minute Late Evening Trade System”, I urge you to secure your copy today so that you don’t miss out.

P.P.S.  Only 10 minutes of your time each evening (UK time) is needed to make substantial trading profits. You simply set and forget the trade until the same time the next day. It couldn’t be easier.

Top Tools = Top Profits



Note: You will receive a comprehensive manual in pdf form available for immediate download, links to access the two online videos, and immediate access to the system templates and indicators in a zip file. You will require Adobe Acrobat to open the pdf file and you can get this for free from Adobe.

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