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Cycling History

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“A rare opportunity for all lovers of cycling to own a delightfully unusual publication.

This is a new and unique window into the evolution of the world’s most loved form of transport – the iconic bicycle. One of the greatest inventions ever, the bicycle has influenced the lives of millions of people worldwide.

In the pages of “Cycling History – Your Passion In Pictures” you can learn about who invented the bicycle, discover when the bicycle was invented, and follow its development into the bicycles of today”.

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“This is very different from the usual publications – you’ll love it.”

‘Weird and wonderful’ are probably apt words for some of the early cycle creations and you could add ‘dangerous’ as well, but I guess that applies to the early development of many things.

Using information borrowed from cards of many decades ago I have put together a fascinating full-colour publication, complete with early descriptions and illustrations of the evolution of the humble bicycle.

With over 50 pages of information and through vibrant colour picture illustrations, you will discover in detail how and when it all began, and how it developed over the decades.

The Hobby Horse

The “Hobby Horse”

In “Cycling History – Your Passion In Pictures” you’ll learn about and see bicycles such as the Draisienne, an invention in 1817 by Baron von Drais. Made entirely of wood, it was known more by its nickname, the Hobby-Horse. This two-wheeled contraption was propelled by pushing your feet against the ground, thus rolling the machine and rider forward in a gliding walk.  Impractical in many ways, it was – unsurprisingly – very short-lived.

It was a Scotsman named Kirkpatrick Macmillan who built the first drive-mechanism bike in the UK back in 1839. Unfortunately Mr Macmillan was also the very first cyclist to be convicted for a road offence in 1842 when he knocked down a child.

In 1865 came the Velocipede (“fast-foot”), a two-wheeled riding machine with pedal propulsion directly to the front wheel.  This machine was also made entirely from wood, although it was later equipped with metal tyres. One can only imagine the noise and discomfort, riding it on the cobble-stone roads of the day – very uncomfortable!!

The Penny Farthing

The “Penny Farthing”

The first vehicle to be called a “bicycle” (meaning two wheels) was all metal with a huge front wheel and a very small rear wheel. It was nicknamed the “Penny Farthing”, because of the great difference in size between the penny coin and farthing coin of the day.

There were no brakes and the penny farthing could only be slowed and stopped by the rider using the foot pedal to brake, a situation which often saw the rider thrown over the handle-bars. This led to the expression “taking a header”.  As this high-wheeled bicycle cost around half a year’s wages, it must have seemed a very high price to pay when you were thrown off – ouch and ouch again!

From these unsteady and painful beginnings rapid developments were made with new designs incorporating some elements of safety and comfort, and making bicycle riding something that the ladies of those days could also enjoy and benefit from despite the voluminous dresses and coat fashions they had to contend with at that time.

Cycling History

Cycling History: Your Passion In Pictures

You will discover a huge amount of fascinating information similar to the above as well as page after page of colourful designs and descriptions, pictures of these machines, the forerunners of the 21st century cycles we enjoy today.

All this makes “Cycling History – Your Passion In Pictures” a really valuable, too good to be missed, resource for all who enjoy the world of cycles and cycling, and at a price to suit any pocket.

This is an easy and enjoyable publication to browse and something you can go back to time and time again. It can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, and makes a superb gift to friends and relatives of all ages, especially if they ride bikes!

I found it extremely enjoyable creating this, and a real learning experience myself. In fact, it took me back to my own first bike which was an “all sorts” bike, at least that’s what I liked to call it. It was put together from various bits and pieces by my dad back in 1948; it had drop handlebars and was painted orange. It must have looked weird, but I loved it and I don’t remember it ever breaking down! It was a long time ago, but I have fond memories of it and I am sure you have your own memories of the time when you first started cycling.

“Cycling History – Your Passion In Pictures” is not just pages of words but a very visual record of cycling times gone by, as you can see here …

Cycling History    Cycling History    Cycling History

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This publication is principally for digital download to your computer. It isn’t and never will be a major publication and it will never be sold in shops.

Invest in a copy of “Cycling History – Your Passion In Pictures” and you will know that you are one of only a very small number of people to have a copy of this unique and what will always be a rare publication.

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The real value of this publication is in its uniqueness and the pleasure you will get from it, that’s for sure. Your satisfaction, nothing less, is our first concern and our guarantee is that you will receive a top-quality product you will be proud to own and treasure. As a cyclist I’m sure that you will be overjoyed with this new-to-the-cycling-world publication.

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P.S. “Cycling History – Your Passion In Pictures” is my own work and it’s something I wanted to share with all those who are cycling enthusiasts. It’s a quality publication, a mine of information, and you will own something quite rare – a cycling history that very few will have!

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