“How To Confidently and Quickly Turn Your Forex Trading Into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE Home Business With 100% PERSONAL SUPPORT Every Step Of The Way”

If your Forex trading isn’t bringing you the results and income you want, why not join the others already making REALLY BIG MONEY with Paul Gray’s professional help?

Dear Forex Trader,

If this is what you would like to do … here’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

The purpose of this short letter, following on from my recent email, is to explain more about the opportunity Paul is offering you.

Please read this letter carefully as it contains important information.

Paul would love to take you under his wing and lift you and your Forex business to higher financial levels that you may not have thought possible.

The ability to treble or quadruple your trading profits, or even more, is available, as previous clients of Paul’s will vouch for.  Today they are making incomes that are truly spectacular!  And enjoying living standards they thought they could never achieve.

Let me just stress here that these clients are home-traders, just like you.  You may recall that I said in my email: “when both opportunity and success come knocking, why not open the door and grab them with both hands”.  Well that’s what happened with Paul’s clients, they took the opportunity that was offered to them, like Ben …

” I booked at 1 to 1 with him and he taught me exactly how to make points with incredible consistency.  My very first 2 trades using his system were +38 points in 2 candles! That was it, I was hooked.  Since then Paul has been fantastic in helping me with my goal of becoming a full time trader.  He is a genuinely great guy who is focused on helping home traders like myself achieve a second income from home.  I cannot begin to tell you how this has changed my trading as well as my account size.  Simply unique and brilliant. ” 

(Ben Singleton, Salisbury)

This Is How YOU Will Benefit …

The UK's Go-To Forex Expert

Paul Gray, successful home trader and Go-To Forex Expert

As you will know already, Paul is a very successful and experienced trader who has a genuine desire to help others become successful home-traders themselves.

Now this is your own exclusive opportunity to have this acknowledged master home-trader personally show you how to read, use and trade Forex systems exactly like he does himself.

This is tuition from a trader who regularly makes hundreds of pounds a day.

No stone will be left unturned to ensure your success. This will be a personal on-going mentoring service from Paul, without limits on time or detail, until you learn to trade like Paul himself. That will be Paul’s goal and objective.

You will be getting the best and most successful information available today to put you at the top of the Forex income ladder for the rest of your trading life.

Paul’s down-to-earth approachable style is simple to follow and easy to relate to.

He will pull everything together for you into one coherent trading strategy, personally tailored to your individual needs and level of trading knowledge.

This bespoke training will be tailored specifically and exclusively to you and your needs.

Total Personal Tuition At Your Home (or other agreed location)


You will receive 1-to-1 personal coaching from Paul, starting with a full day’s training at your home (or other agreed location). 

You will have Paul Gray, the UK’s home-trading “go-to Forex expert”, sitting by your side. I know of no other Forex trainer who is prepared to do that.

During this private coaching day he will set up your charts for you with all of his systems and information that he uses himself on a daily basis, and he will train you fully in how to use everything.

He will go through the “process” of profitable trading, as well as the systems themselves, explaining how these two aspects of trading work together. He will show you how to structure your trading, and how to start your trading day the right way.

He will also give you additional valuable trading information that he uses himself and which he only discloses to his private 1-to-1 clients.

Paul will analyse your trading, identify those areas that are holding you back and that you need to work on, look at what you are doing and show you how to do better. He will fill in the gaps in your trading knowledge and get you trading confidently and successfully.

This is bespoke private coaching tailored to your personal goals and individual level of experience and knowledge.

A Very Profitable Future With Paul’s Unlimited Support


Afterward your private coaching day, Paul will continue the special 1-to-1 relationship with you, to build and expand on your new knowledge, ensuring you are reaping consistent rewards at the level you are aiming for. 

Paul will be there to help you drive your trading onwards and upwards.

Other training companies might offer email support, but that is not enough. How many times have you thought, “I wish I had someone I could ring up about this”?

You should be able to speak to someone, not just be told to “phone the office”. 

What you want and need and what you will get from Paul is a personal relationship with a successful trader-friend who knows you and your trading, an expert who will genuinely provide all the support and understanding you need. 

If You Have Been Looking For A Way Forward, Here’s The Answer …

Your One-To-One Personal Training Day:

Starting at around 9-9.30am Paul will spend a full day with you at your home or other agreed location if you prefer (UK mainland only).

He will take you step-by-step through the methods he uses each day to trade profitably, including swing trading (Late Evening Trader), intra-day (Mini Trades Maximum Profits), & scalping which is profitable on a stand-alone basis and when waiting for longer trades to come to fruition.

Paul will explain the different candle patterns that he has identified as an important part of his trading methods, and will provide you with a copy of them for you to keep as a handy reference.

Everything is backed up with video tutorials available online for you to watch at any time.

Paul will provide you with a personalised trading plan, written exclusively for you and geared to your specific trading goals and objectives, and designed to allow you and Paul to track your progress.

Alongside this you will be given a demo schedule to follow, and a personal journal in which to record your trading. This will ensure that you make the progress you are looking for.

You will also receive details of Paul’s compounding system that shows you exactly how to grow your trading bank safely and securely.

Paul will also be providing you with ‘sweet spot’ cheat sheets for each of his trading methods, which will speed everything up for you and again be a very useful reference in your future trading.

Everything you need will be provided for you on a USB stick, giving you easy access, and any future indicators and updates will be sent to you completely free of charge.

After The Training Day … Ongoing Support:

Following on from your training day, you will follow the demo schedule that Paul has shown you and keep a personal trading journal.

On a daily or weekly basis you will send Paul screenshots of all your trades, and Paul will analyse them with you, so that you both understand why those trades were taken and the results achieved.

You will be given Paul’s personal phone number and will have a telephone tutorial with him during the weeks ahead, and of course he will provide swift answers and help with any questions that you might have.

After about 6 weeks Paul will do a ‘team viewer’ session with you, where he will look at your trading, run through any issues you might have, and give a general refresher, all designed to bring you up to the same level of Forex understanding and success as Paul himself.

And of course you will have an on-going long-term relationship with Paul who is totally committed to ensuring your trading success.


This Could Be YOU …

Mon 14th & Tues 15th May 2018:  £1,060 PROFIT

Learn how to trade

6 TRADES – £1,060 PROFIT:   Learn how to trade

Here’s another screenshot taken in February this year, trading with a ‘lot’ size 0.15 which is approximately £1 a point, and using just one of Paul’s trading systems, showing 419 POINTS PROFIT:


Here’s what happened when Paul decided to turn a £20,000 account into £40,000 in just 2 weeks – just for fun! Of course you wouldn’t trade at £100 a point in real life, but it shows what is possible using a mixture of Paul’s systems, and these were all genuine trade set-ups.

£20,000 TURNED INTO £40,000 IN 2 WEEKS!


This Is Truly Life-Changing Stuff!

The first goal to be aimed for is for you to quickly see an upward trend in your trading profits. Your one to one without time-limits training with Paul Gray will enable you to rapidly achieve that goal.

It goes without saying that there are many signs of rapidly rising cost of living expenses ahead and anyone would be well advised to plan for income increases right now. So an opportunity such as a personal link-up with one of the Forex market’s most successful entrepreneurs and mentoring experts is a gift.

As the saying goes, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear“.

The fact is that without leaving home you now have the opportunity to plan ahead and ensure that no matter what confronts you financially now or in the future, you will not have a single monetary worry!

There will always be Forex and you will know how to milk it profitably and almost as often as you like.

Few will know how to do this like you will if you grab this opportunity with Paul Gray now. 

Superior professional services always comes at a premium – lawyers, private health care, veterinary care, architects, business experts etc. A current example when it comes to Forex training is a London-based company offering a one week only course for £20,000, after which you are on your own.

However, this opportunity offers the best price and guarantee of success on the market today for a one-off investment of £3,800, and it comes with a life-time value which is genuinely incalculable.  Your one-to-one training with Paul is only the first day of your on-going personal coaching relationship.  

We know of no other Forex trainer that even comes close to Paul for quality and commitment.

Given Paul’s trading status, trading income ability and, most importantly, absolute commitment to your success, your investment will be money well spent and money which should be back in your bank with profits very quickly indeed.

Paul comes with years of knowledge, experience and success.

As previously stated, this without time-limits, one-to-one training comes with the goal and commitment to raise your trading ability to the same level as his, and bring you the financial rewards that comes with it.

Paul Gray has tutored many clients privately to his level and with your commitment and desire he will give you his 100% commitment and more to achieve the same for you, and that’s guaranteed!

Your New Future Starts Here

We understand that naturally you will have lots of questions about this opportunity, and you need to be absolutely certain that this personal training is right for you and you are right for it. 

So before we go any further, it’s important that you have a chat with Paul, to make sure that you are both ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ as they say. You can ask any questions you want to, get a feel for the opportunity, and assess that it’s right for you.

Let me emphasise at this point that it’s well worth making the call because Paul will share with you privately sensitive information that we can’t put in this letter, and which will seriously make a difference to you and your trading.

This won’t be just a 5 minute chat, Paul will take the time to go into detail and show you on-screen information if you want. He understands that you need to be totally confident that you want to go ahead with this 1-to-1 opportunity.

I really recommend that you take this opportunity to have a chat with Paul.

You will NOT get any hard sell from either myself or Paul – that is not how we operate. Our concern is to be assured that this is right for you and you are right for us.

So if this unparalleled opportunity appeals to you, to benefit from the personal support of Paul Gray to drive your Forex trading profits rapidly upwards, you can get the ball rolling right now by contacting me:

Email me at bkdavies @

We will then arrange a convenient time for you to speak to Paul. If I’m not at my desk when you ring, just leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Following your chat with Paul, if you have decided you want to go ahead with the offer of personal training, I will contact you regarding payment details (note: payment must be made in full when booking the training day).


Paul will be committing a great deal of time and energy to ensuring the success of each of his private clients. Therefore this offer has to be restricted to a very small number of clients only.

Unfortunately, due to additional family commitments and an ever-increasing business workload, this is the last one-to-one opportunity that Paul will be offering.  Sorry, but there will not be any more.

Bernard and Paul working together to bring you a profitable future

Here at Prime Source Products we will always do all we can to help you to the success you deserve, you only have to ask.

We wish you every success and a very prosperous trading future.

We really look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Best wishes,

Bernard Davies

Prime Source Products

P.S.  If your ambition is to understand and master Forex trading quickly, once and for all, and to truly achieve financial success at high levels in the years ahead, then this personal one-to-one guidance is your answer today.

P.P.S.  Most traditional businesses, even small ones, cost many £000s to set up. There are many bridges to cross and difficulties to overcome, and future success is uncertain, in fact few succeed. Used professionally as Paul Gray will show you, Forex can be a safe and sure way to create very substantial wealth.



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