Here are just some of my RISK-FREE winnings …

£51.50 … £199.50 … £71.00 … £104.75 … £82.00 … £80.00 … £215.50



At last there’s an easy and unbeatable way to profit from any type of horse racing. Yes, it’s true, you can pull in excellent winnings like my £2,035.13 in 61 days.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t like gambling or have never placed a bet before!

Dear Extra Income Seeker,

Bernard Davies

This letter rates as one of the most exciting it’s been my pleasure to put pen to and send out to my customers.

A truly risk-free, can’t-lose way to win substantial amounts of money like my £324, £218, £180.50, £286, £179, £103, £128 …

I am chuffed to bits to be able to share with you this brilliantly simple but 100% effective strategy that reels in substantial cash wind-falls regularly and without risk.

REVEALED: How To Profit From This Simple System And Put An End To Losing Money On Horses!

Before I go any further there are a couple of important points you should know …

This is a mathematically calculated, fail-safe income opportunity, perfect for everyone and anyone in need of easy extra income, and over the age of 18.

You don’t need to know anything about, or even be remotely interested in, the world of gambling.

Now, let’s take a deep breath here because what you’ve just read takes a bit of believing. We’re conditioned to be sceptical, especially when it comes to gambling, because we have all been inundated with stuff from rogue tipsters and so-called experts whose promises have come to nothing.

We’ve invested in well-meaning racing businesses and big names, but at best we’ve won some and lost some, and on balance have pretty much stood still as far as making money from racing goes.

“You can’t make money from horse racing, the bookies always win in the end” is what most people say, and to be fair it’s not far from the truth, for the majority of us anyway.


It’s time to suspend disbelief! But sometimes that takes a leap of faith! People used to believe the earth was flat and you could fall off the edge, and it took “iron men” in wooden ships to prove that was wrong. Once people said we would never walk on the moon. But never is a long time! We’ve lived to see that happen, and more.

Most people believe you’ll never make money betting on horses, and truth be known, the majority of horse racing fans bet “more in hope than expectation”. But what the heck! It’s only a bit of fun anyway, isn’t it? “C’est la vie” as the saying goes.


Now you can make racing pay!

Today, because of a simple strategy I have unearthed and developed, YOU CAN bet on horses, safe in the knowledge that you will always come out on top.

You will discover how to place selected bets in such a way that you win far more than the tiny losses which are built in to the system.

This highly practical CASH GENERATING system has been developed specifically to ensure that you always win overall.

Even if you’ve never placed a bet in your life, even if you don’t like betting, even if you don’t have the slightest interest in horse racing … “YOU CAN DO THIS … AND ENJOY IT! AND WATCH YOUR MONEY GROW”

This is not really gambling because when you are certain of winning overall, it becomes more of an investment.

Here’s a question: “Is your money making money in the bank or building society?” Ha ha ha, excuse the joke, not in recent years it hasn’t been. Even now they take your money, lend it out at high interest rates, but give you around 1% or even less – a pittance – and you’re expected to be grateful. Hmmm.

How Does Losing 7 Or 8 Quid In Return For Winning Anything Up To £400 Sound To You?

Well, that’s a regular event when you are using The Gold Plated Income System. An analysis of my personal results shows a 14.7% losses to winnings ratio, or, to put it the other way round …


In other words, winnings are almost 7 TIMES GREATER than losses; winnings like these:


£61 … £179 … £39 … £286 … £51.50 … £180.50 … £128 … £37.50 … £218 … £324

What’s important is that this is no flash in the pan. The Gold Plated Income System produces these kinds of results consistently, has done so in extensive results produced by me and I see no reason why this will not continue in the future, and that’s a racing certainty!

This IS the chink in the bookies armour that you’ve been looking for!!

It is just not possible to lose overall using this clever system. You HAVE to come out a winner!

It’s a great feeling knowing week on week, month on month, that your winnings bank is growing and growing, and nothing can stop it.

Using The Gold Plated Income System you can project and plan income into the future to a pretty accurate degree, very useful when thinking about holidays and any financial necessities.

If you are still feeling a tad sceptical, that’s understandable, but absolutely wrong because this is as fail-safe as it gets.

I know that the old saying goes: “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” But let me reassure you that it does not apply to what’s on offer to you here right now.

I do this, I use it, I’ve developed The Gold Plated Income System and my reputation is bang on the line here. This works a treat WITHOUT FAIL. This does what it says on the tin.

You WILL make consistent profits with The Gold Plated Income System – you cannot lose overall. Having this in your money-making armoury is like owning your very own seam in a goldmine!

But you will need to treat this urgently as I expect demand to quickly exceed the numbers available

Watch Your Money Grow And Grow With This Powerful System!

To cash in with The Gold Plated Income System, all you have to do is follow a simple betting strategy that cannot lose overall. How does it work?

You are shown exactly how in my fully illustrated manual, complete with simple step-by-step instructions. Nothing has been left out. You will be shown how to copy and do EXACTLY the same as me.

Even if you have never placed a bet before, you will have no trouble following my simple instructions.

A few minutes is all it takes

You will need to spend only a few minutes at your computer or laptop to profit from The Gold Plated Income System, simply checking a few figures on a website, to see if a betting opportunity is available.

You will quickly see within a couple of minutes if there is a system bet or not. If there is, then another 5 to 10 minutes is all that’s needed for you to put everything in place.

Then you just sit back and wait, safe in the knowledge that you are risking no more than a few quid in return for potentially raking in several hundred pounds, like these wins:

£68.50 PROFIT … £204.50 PROFIT … £153.50 PROFIT … £65.00 PROFIT

If a system bet does not show up then you just check back throughout the morning (and the afternoon if you are available) as often as you like. This only takes minutes and with anything up to £400 or more riding on it, it’s surely worth a few minutes of your time!

It Couldn’t Be More Simple. Don’t Let This Money-Maker Slip Through Your Fingers!

You can make money easily with The Gold Plated Income System without any of the usual form study and background information associated with horse racing systems – no pouring over statistics in newspapers or having to buy the Racing Post every day.

You can accumulate these TAX-FREE PROFITS even if you have zero knowledge of racing, so anyone can profit from this money machine and secure a lasting income earner, even if you have no interest at all in horse racing.

Here’s what you won’t have to do:

No form research needed.

No best trainer or jockey details to worry about.

No weights to check on.

No racing background or knowledge required.

Nothing for you to work out.

Suitable for all types of horse racing.

Works with all racecourses and all-weather tracks.

This is not “in-racing” betting.

Selections are made well before the races start.

The Gold Plated Income System is incredibly simple to understand and use, and STANDS ALONE as the only system where you cannot lose overall – winnings will greatly exceed any of the small losses that are factored in to the system!

Everything You Ever Wanted From A System! As Close To Gambling Heaven As Can Be!

Here are a few examples of my winnings:

£94 … £179 … £105 … £286 … £103 … £180.50 … £128 … £99.50 … £218 … £324

It just keeps on coming in … in fact a total of £2,035.13 IN 61 DAYS, with just £290.27 of losses (that’s only 14.26% of total winning income) giving …


The brilliantly safe Gold Plated Income System is set up so that you always win much more than you lose – it cannot be any other way – and my own records show winnings almost 7 times greater than losses, with …


By now you should be getting pretty excited about the prospect of owning your own personal copy of The Gold Plated Income System, so it’s only right that you fully understand how this profit-generator works and how you operate it.

Firstly, you need to forget all about the usual horse racing “willy-nilly” methods of betting. If you are someone who likes to bet several times a day, or even several times a week, you may find The Gold Plated Income System a tad restricting. That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t continue to use your usual betting methods and strategies alongside this if you wish.

This is not about taking the fun out of your hobby, although it’s certainly about PUTTING PROFITS IN.

It’s just that The Gold Plated Income System does not take chances. It operates to a STRICT STRATEGY which means that there will not be a bet every day. In fact it could be just a couple of bets a week – it just depends on what the system produces.

Patience Is A Virtue … And Very Profitable!

I want to be quite clear at this point. If you are a GO…GO…GO person or someone in a hurry to make money, it might be best to look elsewhere. If waiting for things to happen is frustrating for you, then it’s best you pass on this one. You need patience, occasionally the “patience of a saint”, as the saying goes.

Below are some examples from my own past usage of The Gold Plated Income System, absolutely real and pukka, which demonstrate how worthwhile it can be to be patient and stay with the system, even if it means waiting a few days for the big wins.

Example 1

On 23rd August there was a win of £218, and the next big win was £324 on 4th September.

Between 23rd August and 4th September I recorded an overall loss of £21.50, and there were 5 “no bet” days and 3 days when I wasn’t available to check for system bets.

Example 2

On 14th July there was a win of £103, and then two wins on 22nd July of £180.50 and £128 (a total of £308.50).

Between 14th and 22nd July I recorded a loss of £37.25 overall. There were 2 “no bet” days and 2 days when I wasn’t available to check for system bets.

So you can see that there are occasions when you have to be patient between big wins, but of course there are other smaller wins, such as £41, £51.50, £37.50, and so on, while you are waiting for the bigger ones to come along. These examples also illustrate the very controlled small losses that are part of the system!!

What you must understand is that the system ensures you can only lose small, but you will WIN BIG, which is why your profits will consistently increase.

The main thing is that you will not lose overall, so perhaps if you have put up with many losses, trials and failures previously, you owe it to yourself to grab one of the limited editions of The Gold Plated Income System that I will be making available. You’ve got nothing to lose but so much to gain.

So let me re-state here that as one of the selected owners of the exclusive Gold Plated Income System, you need to be a patient person – remember the story of the hare and the tortoise.

No Need To Take Risks … Ever Again …

So No Stress!

The system does not win money every time it identifies an opportunity, but even betting at “maximum” level, your maximum loss on each bet is likely to be up to only £10 … that is the way the system is designed … to minimise any losses until a winner comes in and then the reverse happens and you win substantially … usually into 3 figures!!

You can’t lose your shirt, OK! Your biggest loss can only ever be 3% of your stake … or less if you wish … because you are always in control.


Sometimes the system finds bets where YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY LOSE AT ALL.

It’s great sitting back, waiting for the result, knowing there is no way you can lose.

There are even opportunities where you are GUARANTEED TO WIN MONEY 100% RISK FREE regardless of the outcome of the race.

The manual shows you real examples of these bets and how easy they are to spot.

Overall your betting bank will grow and grow quickly. This is what happens as sure as night follows day. The Gold Plated Income System is specifically designed to do this. You cannot and will not lose, overall you WILL win.

A Betting Strategy That Wins Again & Again

Very little actual computer time is needed for The Gold Plated Income System, usually just a few minutes regularly between say 9am and 1pm for maximum benefit is best although it is possible to find winning opportunities throughout the day.

The more times you check, the more possibilities there may be. If you are able to check regularly throughout the day, so much the better. The more you check, the more you can profit.

If your computer time is restricted because of work commitments or other personal reasons, it may well be difficult for you to benefit fully from this opportunity. So is there someone at home, your partner or family member, who has the time to spare and could help you out with this? Shame to miss out on this, given the cash waiting to be pocketed.

Of course there is weekend racing that can produce opportunities to use The Gold Plated Income System but obviously with much reduced results compared to full weekly use.

Today you can make racing pay

However you decide to profit from this system, you are always in control and you can bet at a level that you are happy with.

If necessary you can simply start with modest bets and then if you can let your winnings (at least in part) compound and grow, you will soon be using the bookies money to place larger amounts and increase your winnings.

All that’s required is to take action and you will be making tax-free money now and in the future.

As profitable as The Gold Plated Income System is, I have to say that it’s unlikely to make you a millionaire, so no baloney here then about world cruises, Ferraris, and homes in Barbados. Still, a new Fiesta or Focus, and the Canaries, the Balearics or the Greek Islands will do, I’m sure!

Proven to pull in up to £1,000 a month at my betting level, this could be increased, but please do not get greedy and draw the bookies attention to yourself. Play the game sensibly and use realistic stakes.

When using The Gold Plated Income System it is essential to spread your bet among several bookmakers, so you will need to open an account with at least nine specific bookies, although you won’t be using them all at once. There’s a good reason for this, which is all explained in my comprehensive manual. Remember, you can start small and build up your betting bank.

A full explanation of The Gold Plated Income System strategy, along with the reasoning behind it, and the mathematical formula that underpins it, is all contained in the step-by-step manual that is ready to be rushed to you.

I know for sure you will be delighted with this simple BOOKIE BEATING system that is proven and guaranteed to win overall by substantial margins.

With an extra monthly income coming in, life will become much less financially stressful. Just think what you could do with potentially up to £1,000 a month extra tax-free income. I’m sure you don’t need me to work it out for you but I will say that bills taken care of, a car upgrade, holidays, and a full supermarket trolley each week, would be good for starters.

The Gold Plated Income System In Your Hands Ready To Profit From Immediately

There is no steep learning curve to go through with this system, barely a gentle slope in fact!! All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions set out in the manual. They are short, clear and to the point, and backed up with fully illustrated real-life working examples.

Remember, I do this, and I left school when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth!! There is no reason why you can’t be up and running in no time at all after receiving your personal copy.

The Gold Plated Income System is so easy to understand and use that there was no need for me to produce a lengthy training video to explain what to do – it’s all very simple and explained in full in my short, clear, waffle-free manual that’s ready to go.

The value is in the information you will receive, not the length of the manual.

Of necessity I have to make this a STRICTLY LIMITED offer due to the overall “CAN’T LOSE MONEY” content.

I’m sure you will understand that certain “powers that be” would not be too happy knowing that unlimited numbers of people were taking them to the cleaners so to speak. However, with only strictly controlled numbers having access to this method, we won’t “rock the boat”.

So this will be very exclusive to those fortunate enough to bag themselves one of the few editions being released.

With up to £250 A WEEK potentially on offer with The Gold Plated Income System, this can add up to a very useful extra £1,000 a month … which is actually worth substantially more when you consider that it’s entirely TAX-FREE INCOME.

These figures are proven and consistent, like the £37.50 that dropped into my account, then another £51.50, just for checking a few numbers on a website – so simple it’s almost laughable really. And these were just the smaller wins compared to the 3 figure sums that the system has thrown up for me.

I’m sure that, like me, you receive plenty of mail offering opportunities that promise hundreds of thousands of pounds in profits. Sorry, I can’t do that with The Gold Plated Income System, but I can absolutely assure you that what I’ve written here regarding this offer is real, truthful and proven in person by me.

As far as I’m concerned, up to a potential £1,000 a month for doing very little, with no risk of failure, is, well, “a bird in the hand rather than two in the bush” as they say!

This opportunity is so simple to operate that it will suit anyone looking to pocket some stress-free extra cash from home.

In particular, it would be a brilliant second income earner for you if you are already at your computer on a daily basis.

Forex and ex-Forex traders take note!

Perhaps you are a financial trader watching the charts, waiting for a trade to come along? Well this can easily be slotted in around your daily trading routine, adding valuable extra profits to your trading income.

Extra Income At Your Fingertips!

Extra income at your fingertips!

Remember, this is a mathematically calculated, fail-safe income opportunity that is perfect for everyone and anyone looking for some easy extra income.

You do not need to know anything about, or even be remotely interested in gambling in order to profit from this simple system that puts easy extra income at your fingertips.

Inside the pages of The Gold Plated Income System you will discover how to pocket big wins worth hundreds of pounds, over and over again.

But you will have to act quickly to secure your copy, as I have to limit the numbers that I can make available. I’m sure you understand that this makes sense.

So what’s a fair investment for this iconic opportunity, an opportunity rarer than a Penny Black stamp?

Let’s look at it this way. If you invested £1,000 in a bank for a month, would your investment turn into another £1,000 just 30 days later? Hmm… If you invested £500 in a building society for 30 days, would it make you £250 to £500 interest just 30 days later? Well we all know that you wouldn’t achieve those returns in 12 months, let alone 30 days.

What I am driving at here is that with The Gold Plated Income System in your hands you can, whatever your staking level, expect to achieve up to twice that staking level in profits over 30 days.

You can expect to finish up at the end of the 30 day period (or well before) with a substantial profit.

That’s what The Gold Plated Income System does … it generates profits!!

And remember this, you will never be risking any more than 3% of your total stake at any time, and if you wish you can be very selective and minimise below 3%.

And as I said earlier, the system will even generate opportunities which are totally 100% risk-free!!

Let me remind you of 11 great value benefits that you will receive with this system:

You receive a rare opportunity to access a safe and tax-free cash generator.

You need never invest in another racing system or opportunity.

No subscription fees or annual membership payments to worry about!

No commission paybacks. You keep every penny the system wins you.

Your value-for-money investment can be rapidly repaid – even in as little as 30 days or less depending on your staking levels.

Partners could each have betting accounts and double the profits.

A stress-free income opportunity.

A safe, profitable opportunity that has been extensively tried, tested and proven to produce a great on-going, very useful extra income.

You have my experience, my expertise and my name behind this!

You get a money-back guarantee if you do not see profits coming into your account regularly.

A Real Find … Long-Term Value …

Profitable Investment

Having been in this business for many years now, I have a professional grasp of product and market worth, and I know that you will have received many sales letters for products ranging in price up to many thousands of pounds.

This is still the case – in the last few months or so I have received sales letters for products priced at £7,800 … £3,495 … £4,997 + VAT … £1,997 … £4,997 + £99 a month … £197 per month for 10 months … I could go on, and I have these offers on file here in my office.

Now I am not being judgemental in pointing out these prices. It may well be that the products are worth it. But I have noticed that they nearly all have one thing in common, which is that they will tell you what you can achieve if you do this, that or the other, with little or no hard evidence to back up the claims.

The Gold Plated Income System is producing profits here and now and bringing in regular cash windfalls.

The Gold Plated Income System is not about what MIGHT be … it’s about what IS here and now … and how YOU can definitely benefit financially from it TODAY. This is reality. This is the now.

You can start to move into profit very quickly, a lot more quickly than with banks or building societies or what financial products will earn you, for sure.

Many “income opportunities” that you receive can be risky and stressful, with no guarantee of success. But I speak from experience when I honestly say that using this system is about as certain and relaxed a way of making money as it gets!

You should be excited and eager by now to secure one of the very limited number of copies which are going to be released.

I have absolutely no hesitation in stating here and now that The Gold Plated Income System is well worth every penny of £1,000 and probably more! However, after considerable thought and much research into current market prices, the general consensus was that I should offer it at £497.00, a very fair price given its income potential.

Yet, despite the viability and proven profitability of this system, I am very conscious of the current financial climate that is really taking its toll on many people and I do want to be fair to all of my loyal customers. So …


I am offering you the chance to take advantage of a


You can secure a copy of The Gold Plated Income System at the minimal figure of just £297.00 plus £2.97 p&p. But I reserve the right to revert to the full asking price of £497.00 without notice.

Secure your copy today, use the button below:

Remember, The Gold Plated Income System is an investment in every sense of the word.

It is not a speculation and neither is it a gamble when you know that the profits dropping into your account will always be much greater than any minimal losses! My own records show my winnings to be almost 7 times greater in fact!

I believe that if you have put aside scepticism and really studied and understood what is on offer in this letter, you will realise that this is a very sound investment indeed, and a very reasonable one, particularly given The Gold Plated Income System’s certain potential to repay your investment over and over again.

Please note that in order to preserve the uniqueness and exclusivity of the system, you are asked to agree to the Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement below. This Agreement will become effective and permanent immediately on purchase of The Gold Plated Income System.

Your Personal Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement

It is a condition of purchase of The Gold Plated Income System that you accept that all the contents of the manual are confidential to you and you alone. The contents may not be copied or reproduced in any way or sold to or shared with any other person or business.

Your 3 Months Investment Money-Back Guarantee

Due to the valuable, exclusive and sensitive nature of the information in The Gold Plated Income System it is very important that, for the sake of legitimate customers who intend to use the system confidentially, the system does not fall into the hands of cheats, fraudsters, or so-called “relay agents”.

An unconditional guarantee will simply invite the above types to obtain a copy for all the wrong reasons, and this would be very unfair to my legitimate and genuine customers who I respect and value greatly.

To combat this my guarantee will be, for a period of 3 months from date of receipt of the system, as follows:

Should The Gold Plated Income System fail to make significant profits over a 3 month period effective from date of receipt of the system, you can return your copy for a refund of the purchase price. Significant profits are relative to the level of stakes used and the frequency of use of the system.

Please note:

Significant profits means that stakes should be sufficient to achieve realistic profits. Frequency of use means regular usage of the system to take advantage of the substantial number of betting opportunities that present themselves.

I wish to be absolutely fair to you, so please read the following carefully:

Although in actual practice, operating The Gold Plated Income System only takes a few minutes, opportunities to profit can crop up at any time during the day and to maximise on profits you need to give consideration to this and decide whether you will have the time.

Inability to operate the system due to work or other time commitments are not acceptable grounds for returning this product. If you feel that you will not have the time, then it may be best not to invest at this time.

Prime Source Publications cannot be held responsible for any events outside our control that may affect the usage or performance of the system.

Purchase of The Gold Plated Income System implies acceptance of the terms of the Guarantee.

As I have already explained, this conditional Guarantee is designed to keep the wrong people out and protect those
who purchase in good faith, and who will benefit financially from this fail-safe betting system.

This is a reliable product that will deliver good profits, but please note that if you have issues with regard to the Guarantee, it may be advisable not to invest in this system.

As I will be continuing to use the system myself for my own benefit, I will be monitoring the profits and performance of the system each month.

The System In A Nutshell

Q. What will I be doing?

A. You go to a specific website and check for 2 key figures. If they are there you click to another page to see if some important figures are there. If they are, you place your bets. That’s it! A matter of minutes.

Q. Is there a downside?

A. There are only 2 possible types of bet you will be placing: Either your bet is 100% risk-free and you are guaranteed not to lose any of your stake; or your bet has a maximum possible loss of 3% of your stake, i.e. £1.50 on a £50 stake (it could be less than this but not more). You will know in advance exactly how much the risk is.

Q. What results can I expect?

A. With every betting opportunity you have the possibility of winning anything up to hundreds of pounds cash profits.

Let me assure anyone who is still debating whether to invest in The Gold Plated Income System, that healthy profits are the norm and cannot be otherwise. You need have no concerns at all regarding your investment.

£61 … £179 … £39 … £286 … £51.50 … £180.50

… £128 … £37.50 … £218 … £324

In The Gold Plated Income System I have included fully documented and illustrated examples using actual screenshots as cast-iron proof of the power of this system. (Sorry but I can’t include the screenshots here as that might reveal the system!)

Some advice: It is my sincere wish that everyone should have the opportunity to cash in with The Gold Plated Income System. However, if you are short of money at the moment, it may be advisable not to invest in this right now. Although your money is safe, you will require a reasonable betting bank to operate the system, so please don’t use family or home expenses money.

When you have received your copy of the manual and have looked at the suggested betting levels included in the manual (all of which will make you money to a greater or lesser degree), you may decide to start at a lower level, and that’s fine. However, to maximise The Gold Plated Income System you should aim to move up to the higher levels step by step as soon as you can.

The very best way to achieve this is to allow your winnings to compound and grow, and then reinvest them in the next step up, and so on. You will be amazed at how quickly you can reach the top level and enjoy the greater cash rewards.

Here To Help You To Success

And Tax-Free Winnings!

In this letter I have set out to “tell it like it is” and to be as transparent as possible in my description of the system and how you can benefit from it.

I believe The Gold Plated Income System is great value for money at just £297.00 + £2.97 p&p, an investment that is bound to be very short term, with potential to provide a stress-free substantial income that can smooth most of the wrinkles out of daily life for almost anyone.

OK, it’s decision time, and I hope I’ve explained things clearly enough for you to throw off any lingering doubts and invest in this unique opportunity to pocket regular tax-free cash.

Secure your copy today, use the button below:

The Gold Plated Income System is a unique formula, it’s not just another racing system where you take your chances. This is in a class of its own, a stress-free, simple, can’t-fail-to-make-money opportunity with no real risks at all.

£68.50 PROFIT … £204.50 PROFIT … £153.50 PROFIT … £65.00 PROFIT

You may have been seeking something like this for years, a simple money-making system that actually works. Well, now you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for, an opportunity for discriminating people – you deserve it!

The Gold Plated Income System is great value when you consider what it will give you back. Many will ask more yet give you less. Here you will get a lot more for less!

Performance … reliability … great profits.

Imagine never having to worry about losing again.

You’ll always have it when you need it.

It really is THAT good!

Proves its worth time and time again.

Discover its cash-generating power today.

This is your chance to enjoy a tax-free additional income on top of what you’re getting now, with one of the easiest, most exciting, enjoyable and STRESS-FREE money-making systems you could lay your hands on.

As I’ve already said, The Gold Plated Income System will be a strictly limited publication. It has to be, because it is so effective and we don’t want to upset the market!

Enough said, I’m not going to beat around the bush because this is just too good and it will speak for itself when you start using it.

Please don’t miss out! I urge you to reserve your personal copy right now to avoid possible disappointment.


Thank you for staying with me through this letter and I very much hope I will soon have the pleasure of your testimonials as to how much tax-free cash you are winning with The Gold Plated Income System.

Helping you to succeed,

Bernard Davies

Prime Source Publications

P.S. I really urge you to reserve your personal copy right now and I will rush it to you as quickly as possible.

P.P.S. I know you can’t lose with the amazingly profitable Gold Plated Income System and I’m so confident of your success in making money with this that if you do as you are shown in my top-quality manual and don’t get the results expected, then it will cost you nothing at all, as outlined in my Guarantee.

Prime Source Publications, York

Email: bkdavies @

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