Sporting Investors … Everything You Need To Know In One Place …  Previously sold at £297.00

“101 Plus Ways To Make REAL Profits From Gambling … Guaranteed A UK First”

I have a superb cash-generator for you!  And I want to share it with you immediately, so I’ve sat down and written this confidential but time-critical letter to put you in the picture.  Please take a few minutes to read it now.

Dear Sporting Investor,

As a valued customer, and one of the selected few on my preferred customer database, I couldn’t wait to write to you with the hottest, most profitable news for a long time.  I’m literally thrilled at being able to introduce you to “The Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems”.

Now you can own a massive library of racing and other highly profitable sports information, much of it secret until now.

Never before has anyone assembled such a comprehensive amount of valuable – you could almost say “priceless” – information that can put regular, sizeable amounts of money in your pocket.

The “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” could be likened to owning a yellow pages of sporting information, literally valued at several thousand pounds.  In fact, for you to bring this knowledge together piece by piece would indeed cost thousands of pounds.

Just one piece of racing information included in the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” would have set you back £7,500 had you bought it on an individual one-off basis.  You’ll find it on page 110.

Not only is this ultra valuable information included for you, but you’ll find so much extra that it’s unlikely that you would ever need to invest in similar information again.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

Just imagine having at your finger-tips an easy-to-use library of dozens and dozens and dozens (over 80 in fact) of the very best horse-racing systems that have ever been produced, systems that you can rely on to consistently beat the bookies.

“Ah but”, I hear you say, “the bookie always wins in the end”. Well, sorry, but that’s just not true. I’ve never made a detailed study of horse-racing or any form of gambling for that matter, yet I manage to win overall.

The real secret is in the approach you take to gambling, so if you simply just gamble (the “two flies crawling up a wall” approach), you will always lose.

On the other hand, approach any type of gambling as a sporting investment, and having the right information to use in a planned, strategic, patient manner will bring you consistent wins and overall profits.

That’s what the smart guys and girls do, the ones who own luxury cars and houses paid for from the proceeds of their gambling winnings.

The Good News Is … Now You Can Join Them

Previously sold at £297.00.

Extra tax-free cash every month

I have never seen or heard of anyone, anywhere revealing this before and it’s unlikely anyone else will, since finding, creating and producing the material for the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” has been a mammoth undertaking.

But I truly wanted to create an “experience” and a product that would bring you lasting benefit.

Yes! I’ve burned the midnight oil on this and I know you’ll be delighted with the result, especially as you’re stuffing £5, £10 and £20 notes in your pockets from your regular wins.

It’s Easy To Become A Successful Gambler … Surprisingly Easy

Hang on a minute, that’s a pretty bold statement.  Sounds great, but what precisely is it that I get, to become successful?

The quick answer to your question is “everything you will ever need to know, all in one place“.  A “big box experience” if you like.  You see, the process of learning anything is almost always fragmented.  So if you want to be a lawyer, a teacher, a train-driver, or a plumber, there’s a lot to learn, lots of material to gather, books to read, and so on …

In this exciting world of gambling and sporting investment, the same applies, but few people have either the time or the inclination for prolonged study, let alone the often high cost of gathering the right information.

But now it’s at your fingertips.  Nothing for you to search for any more. No tracking down the hidden treasure.  Here it all is on your doorstep, so to speak.

Simply dig into the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” – 101 Plus Ways To Make Real Profits From Gambling“, take out what you want, when you want it, and start making money.

Oh by the way, I hope your postman has got strong arms because he certainly won’t get the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” through your letterbox …

You will receive OVER 300 PAGES, and it’s divided into two separate volumes to make it as easy as possible to use, and of course everything has been professionally printed and bound for you.

Read On & I’ll Tell You More About How To …

Not only take the guesswork out of your sporting investments, but how to access multiple streams of income so that you are never relying on just one lucky break or method.

Previously sold at £297.00.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover in the “Massive Master-File of 101 Plus Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems”:

More than 80 proven TOP HORSE-RACING systems

How to make big profits from FOOTBALL fixed odds betting

Very simple but clever GREYHOUND racing systems

How to greatly increase your chances of LOTTERY WINS with these professional UK Lottery plans


The SECRETS of PROFESSIONAL Roulette players

An easy-to-operate LAYING system

How to win a fortune on the FOOTBALL Pools

The highly secret professional BLACK JACK system

Just imagine, you want extra money for whatever reason, so you just dip into the information, select one or two of the tried and tested money-generating products, and swiftly set about raising whatever cash amount you need … so simple.

Cash for a holiday!  Cash for a car!  Cash for clothes!  Cash for the kids!  Cash for life’s little luxuries!  You name it, you can raise it.

The “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems – 101 Ways To Make Real Profits From Gambling” takes away the reliance on hope and guesswork, and on those tipsters who are simply out to make money from you and feed their own betting banks, the ones who charge you the earth in return for useless information.

Instead you will have such an array of valuable information worth thousands of pounds to draw on, that you can say goodbye to all that, to the monthly standing orders and premium-rate telephone lines at £1 – £1.50 a minute.  So …

Who Wouldn’t Jump At This?

Which is why I’m writing to you as one of my valued customers.  I wanted you to be one of the very first to get their hands on this two-volume “Massive Master-File” of information.

In fact, not one single person who is not on my valued customer list will be contacted, let alone offered the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems”, until you and selected others have had the opportunity to respond to this superb offer of thousands of pounds worth of information and which includes many systems previously sold for hundreds of pounds, and one priced at £7,500.

Because of the nature of this offer only 100 copies will be produced (we don’t want to alarm the bookies).  Therefore I am giving my preferred customers a 5 day window of opportunity to be the first in the UK to get their hands on this huge amount of information.

After 5 days the package will be offered to a wider market and will undoubtedly sell out quickly and, sorry, but that will be that.

I don’t want any of my best customers to miss this opportunity to get their hands on such lucrative, potential money-generating information so I would ask you to secure your copy right now.

Yes Bernard, I’m very keen to get my hands on this package and I understand that it’s a limited offer!”


 Okay, So Let Me Summarise …

Previously sold at £297.00.

You get a huge amount of highly profitable information which, purchased individually, would cost thousands of pounds.

Information that adds up to a never-ending source of income.

When I showed the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” to advisors they were adamant that a realistic price to ask for it would be in the £1,000 to £2,000 range.

Well, my first view is that money-men don’t always live in the real world where hard-working people have to graft for their income.

And my second view is that good customers should be looked after… well, don’t you just hate it when you’re just treated as one of the crowd.

So with this in mind I am releasing the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” NOT  at the original price of £297.00 … even though I know it would easily sell out at this price … and indeed that’s what non-preferred customers will have to pay.

Also, since I last offered the “Massive Master-File” at the genuine price of £297.00 it would seem that times are getting tougher and tougher, and causing real concern and pain for many people.

So I seriously want to give you a helping hand, and also offer you a genuine customer loyalty bonus

I’ve given it considerable thought and I have decided the best way to help my customers in these difficult times is to offer you a really beneficial, one-off saving, plus a really viable way to make money at a price almost anyone should be able to afford …

“I am slashing a staggering £148.50 – that’s 50% – off the previous selling price for my preferred customers only, which means that this amazing quality product, bursting with easy-to-follow, money-making systems and methods will be rushed to you for just £148.50 (plus £4.95 p&p – it’s heavy man!).

Incredible value for so much simple money-making potential all in one place … over 300 pages in fact, divided into two easy-to-reference volumes.

As this will sell out quickly, I urge you to move fast so that you are not disappointed”.

A Great FREE Bonus For The First 25 Buyers

Each of the first 25 buyers of the “Massive Master-File” will receive a bound copy of the iconic manual  “How To Attract Loads Of Luck To Yourself”.

In a world of increasing understanding of universal laws and advances in quantum physics, there is a growing evidence and little doubt that you can “make your own luck” and “shape your own destiny” to a great degree.

“How To Attract Loads Of Luck To Yourself” is the perfect bonus to help you increase the undoubted benefits of owning the Massive Masterfile.

This brilliant manual was previously sold at £49.00 – claim yours for FREE.

Vitally Important Last and Final Point

Please understand that this offer is open to you and you alone.  It isn’t open to the general public.  It’s not available to your friends or colleagues, and all orders will be checked against my preferred customer list.

Previously sold at £297.00.

This material is worth thousands of pounds and cost a great deal to get together.  At this stage it’s for you only – others will have to wait.

With that said …  It can be yours today for only £148.50 (plus £4.95 p&p).

Simply click the button below to reserve your copy now.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and rushing the “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” into your hands as quickly as possible.

Dedicated to your success,

Bernard Davies

P.S. Previously sold at £297.00 you will receive information and products valued at many times your investment, including one item previously priced at £7,500.

P.P.S. The “Massive Master-File of Racing, Gaming and Sporting Systems” brings you a massive amount of money-generating sporting material, enough to keep you supplied with income for life.  And remember, the first 25 customers only will also receive a FREE bound copy of “How To Attract Loads Of Luck To Yourself” worth £49.00.



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