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Railway History

Limited Edition

“A fascinating, years-gone-by, history of our much-loved railways, in glorious detail, taken from decades-old vintage cards, displayed in a new publication.

Each of the 58 pages is brought to life in full colour and beautifully detailed in the language of yesteryear.

This is a truly unique opportunity to own a record of railway history that few have seen and few will ever own. It will be a superb source of knowledge and a great addition to your railway library”.

Dear Fellow Railway Enthusiast,

“Thank you for visiting my website” Bernard Davies

“This is something really different – you’ll love it!”

I’m sure you will agree with me that there is a magic about railways. Although I am now retired after many years service, I still love all things railway.  It’s an indefinable thing really, but railways past and present bring out emotional feelings in most of us, at any age.

In our digital world, I’m not sure if any programme or games match the sensation felt when watching a steam locomotive at work – its sheer power, moving pistons, the great wheels, smoke and steam, the raw beauty, and the whole fantastic history of it all.

Living in the lovely city of York, I was able to visit (three times!) the National Railway Museum in 2013 to see the “Great Gathering” as it was called, when the last of the famous A4 Pacific locomotives were brought together from around the world, four from the UK, one from Canada, and one from the USA.  A rare opportunity, it was wonderful, majestic and, sadly, probably the only time they were likely to be seen together again in one place.

National Railway MuseumI never tire of meandering amongst the rolling stock and all the associated equipment and artefacts on display at the National Railway Museum – it’s a fascinating place.

I’m always in awe of exhibits like this massive engine which was built in the UK but shipped half way round the world to be used on the Chinese railways.

National Railway MuseumAnd I love the grace, beauty and elegance of the carriages that formed the royal trains, like those you can see in the photo here.

That’s me waxing lyrical again!  But it brings me to the reason for this letter, and an intriguing aspect of railway history!

Years ago I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pretty rare set of 50 year old cigarette cards featuring Railway Equipment. Although I’ve had them for some years, only recently did it occur to me that other railway enthusiasts might enjoy the pictures and information they contain. Taking into account the rarity of this card set, it makes this information almost priceless so to speak.

To cut a long story short, after some trial and error, I have created from this great set of cards a really fascinating publication that will grace any collection or coffee table! And now you can enjoy this valuable information as well.

“Railways: A World Of Innovation, Your Passion In Pictures” is my own publication, done with a genuine desire to bring great visual history to fellow railway enthusiasts. It’s both quality, and a mine of historic facts and information.

Railway HistoryRailway HistoryRailway History

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You’ll love this, the kids will love it, grandparents will love it too.  And it would make a great gift at any time of the year. Today, here’s your opportunity to secure your own copy.

Special Discount Offer – Save 20%

“Railways: A World Of Innovation, Your Passion In Pictures” is available as a digital download for £12.50.  However, for a limited time, it’s available to you for just £9.97, a saving of 20%.

Or if you would like a glossy, spiral bound copy, it’s available for £25.00, but for a limited time it’s just £19.97 plus £1.99 p&p (UK only), a saving of 20%.  Note: Because it’s full colour and only printed to order, it’s costly to produce, but I know that some collectors would prefer a hard copy and I will happily have one printed for you if you wish. (For delivery outside the UK, please email us before ordering, for the postage cost).

Railway History

Railways: A World Of Innovation, Your Passion In Pictures

This is a publication which genuinely …

  • is packed with little-known gems of information.

  • brings railway history to life.

  • will not be mass-marketed.

  • will never be sold in shops.

  • is only available from this website.

I know you’ll value this. Some things are just worth having, and you will be among a very small number of people who will have a copy – they will be very rare indeed!

Here’s how to secure your copy of “Railways: A World Of Innovation, Your Passion In Pictures”:

Digital Copy:   Click the button below to purchase a digital copy. You may use your Paypal account if you have one, or any debit or credit card, in complete confidence. Please rest assured that we do not see your card details at any time.

After completing your purchase, please make sure you click the link on the Paypal site to return to this site to download your copy.

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I will have a copy printed and rushed to you by first class mail. Please allow 2 to 3 days for delivery but I will do my best to get it to you as quickly as possible.

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You can be absolutely sure that we are a fast, friendly, reliable business and your order is safe with us.

My very best wishes to you – Enjoy!

Bernard Davies

Prime Source Publications – Where great value and service are always free!

P.S. This is an innovative, interesting, attractive and very readable publication that you will treasure. Don’t miss out on owning something really different for railway enthusiasts.

Thank you for reading this letter. As promised, here are your 3 FREE “Great Gathering” photos. Just click on each one and save it to your computer.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

L to R: Union of South Africa, Bittern, Mallard, Dominion of Canada

L to R: Sir Nigel Gresley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Union of South Africa, Bittern, Mallard, Dominion of Canada


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